MILAN – FIDIAS WORKSHOP : lessons and ideas for 2014-2020 programming period

MILAN – FIDIAS WORKSHOP : lessons and ideas for 2014-2020 programming period

23 June 2014 until 25 June 2014

Event description

On 23 and 24 June a knowledge exchange workshop on Innovative financial instruments for sustainable development and the energy sector will take place in Milan, hosted by Finlombarda. Thanks to the contribution of experts invited to the meeting, partners will have the possibility to gather useful suggestions and information to develop innovative solutions supporting the eco-innovation sector.

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The workshop will be structured according to two sessions:

  • On June 23rd (afternoon) the main theme will be “Financial Instruments for energy efficiency and sustainable development”, with the presentation of some Italian experiences (Lombardy “Infrastructure Fund” and Sardinia “Jessica Fund”), an insight on opportunities for 2014-2020  period, and speeches from local actors that promoted the development of a “energy savings-culture” in local entities.
  • On June 24th (morning), the main theme will be “Financial instruments and services for green investments of SMEs”. This session will see several speeches among which the presentation of the Emilia Romagna Energy Fund and of other initiatives promoted by aggregations of SMEs in the energy sector (energy cluster and other local initiatives).

On the 24 and 25 June, a steering committee of the FIDIAS project gathered the partnership to work on the various Work packages and discuss about the workshop inputs and future actions.

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